It’s You and Me (Part 2)

part 1

*Two weeks later*

At 5 a.m Gaga woke up in her small trailer. It was the first day of the filming, and Gaga was going to play a woman who travelled to Nebraska on foot searching for her old love. Forecast informed about an awfully hot weather, and everyone had to hurry to finish the scene before noon.

As Gaga, with difficulty, opened her eyes, she immediately shut them back. A few moments later she stretched her legs and arms under the blanket and managed to open the eyes again. Gaga rubbed her face and let out a long groan. She tried to gather her thoughts together and looked out of the window. The view of the cornfield took away her sleepy mood, and she had finally realised what an important day it was going to be.

Excited, Gaga jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom. After a quick cool shower she wiped her wet hair and wrapped a towel around the body. She left the cabin and went to check her phone. There was a message from Laurieann: “meeting at my place at 5:40”.

After having a light breakfast Gaga reached for a suitcase to choose clothes. She put on denim shorts, one of her favourite t-shirts and flip-flops, which she didn’t like at all, but it was the only simple and comfortable kind of footwear here.

Gaga looked in a mirror and bit the bottom lip. She grabbed her purse and took out a mascara and a lipstick. After applying her makeup Gaga styled her blond shoulder-length hair. She put on massive earrings and left the trailer.

The air outside was fresh and cool. She shivered and hurried to Laurieann.

A half of a minute later Gaga walked up the stairs of the director’s trailer. She knocked, pulled the door and came in. A woman, who was talking to a dark-haired man, teared her attention from the stranger and gave Gaga a wide smile. Laurieann stepped forward and put the singer into embrace. “Hey, how are you doing?”. “Great! So excited about today!”. The guy was watching them curiously, his hands in the pockets of the trousers. The blonde’s voice made him smile. “That’s good. So, I called you to introduce the actor we’ve hired to play the scientist” - she put a hand on the man’s shoulder - “It is Taylor Kinney”. “And this is Lady Gaga, in case you haven’t recognised her yet!” - she laughed, turning to the actor.

"Hi, nice to meet you!" - Taylor gently squeezed and shook Gaga’s hand - "I’m very grateful for the opportunity you gave me!". "Hi, Taylor, we are glad to welcome you in our team! And it’s not our merit, we are lucky to work with such talented people!". "Thank you. And, hm…" - he smiled, and Gaga’s lips formed a smile too - "how should I call you? Lady Gaga, Lady?". The singer giggled. "Just call me Gaga".

"So, Taylor is shooting tomorrow and on the fourth day" - Laurieann continued, forcing them to break the eye contact - "I need to discuss some changes in the schedule with you now" - she guided Gaga to a big white board on a wall full of pictures, paper sheets with writing and colored stickers. While the girls were arguing, Taylor kept observing the singer: she wasn’t what he expected at all.

"Okay, this is what we’ll do" - concluded Gibson. "You can go and get ready, honey," - she put her hands on hips - "and we are going to look through the script". "Yeah, see you soon!" - Gaga glanced at the director and the actor, left the trailer and shut the door.

She laid her back on the door, hearing her heartbeat in the throat and Taylor’s voice inside the trailer. She took a deep breath and hurried to the dressing room.
Taylor was talking with someone from the team. The door of the nearest trailer opened and Gaga came out. She had long black-and-white straight hair and a black jumpsuit on. Her arm, neck and chin were covered by metal plates and wires. Right after, a blond girl and a dark-haired smiling guy and two more people went down the stairs. One of them was carrying a big black something and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Gaga smiled at Taylor and got into a big auto. All the other people followed her, and the car set out. He watched it until the car was hidden by high bushes, completely forgetting about the guy standing next to him.

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no no no no NOOO

I came to a cinema, so excited about “Sin City”, because a week ago they lowered the age limit from 18+ to 16+ (I’m 17) - I was so happy - but I come to a ticket counter and a girl says it’s 18+…18!!!??

Damn it

I’m so angry

I’m going to try my luck at another place

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I watched this performance for the first time yesterday and I was screaming, squeaking, smiling, crying, jumping! She is such a strong, independent, confident, stunning woman, a bit aggressive and “gaga”. I have so many feelings for this video, incredible!

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